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Arad - Dead Sea
Kiriat Yam


Do you need a break from the cold winter?

Welcome to sunny Israel at affordable prices.
Not everyone knows that in addition to a beach holiday there are plenty of interesting places to visit in the winter:

Ski resort Ramat Shalom. Worth a visit Mount Hermon height of over 2,200 meters! One easy, two more advanced ski runs, slopes for snowboarding and luge. Three lifts, hire, excellent service and reasonable prices!

A number of concerts for all tastes will held in the clubs and on the stages of Israel. This winter, waiting for performances of popular artists: Safina, Chulpan Khamatova, Klara Novikova, Potap and Nastya, Oleg Menshikov, Revva.

Hot Springs. Thermal and Spa is the best prevention, especially in winter, when the immune system is weakened. The most famous thermal spa in Israel is a resort of Ein Gedi, which is located on the Dead Sea. The Tiberias Hot Springs, on the coast of the Sea of Galilee are well-known. Also are known Hamat Gader resort and recreation complex Hamei Gaash, that location in 15-20 minute drive from Tel Aviv.

Unique "Festival of Festivals" will come in Haifa in December, which combines the Jewish Hanukkah, Ramadan, the Muslim and the Christian Christmas. You can also visit the gastronomic festival "Taste of the Tiberias" on the Sea of Galilee.

The first half of January is associated with the Orthodox Christmas (January 7) and Epiphany (January 19), thousands of pilgrims are going to Israel at first church service in Jerusalem and Bethlehem, and then will go to the Jordan River..

Eilat takes two music festivals in January: International Music Festival of classical music and popular jazz festival - a "twin brother" of summer festival "Jazz on the Red Sea."

Winter Festival of wine and crabs will be in Tel Aviv and a variety of themed events for children and adults are in the park "Mini Israel".

Tu Bishvat, when there is an abundance of fruit on the table (in different traditions of Judaism adopted to try from seven to fifty kinds of fruits at that day), and across the country have traditionally planted new trees.

Purim carnival will come on 23th of March, with parades and cheerful feasts.

But fans of swimming and diving always can go on the warm Red Sea and the Dead Sea

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