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    Laying drywall with an adhesive method for painting

    Before applying paint to the walls, it is necessary to carry out full-fledged preparatory measures. The working surface should be smooth, reliable, without any flaws. One of the options is to first paste over the surface with plasterboard panels, and only then proceed to painting. After all, drywall is a very practical base for any paint and varnish compositions.

    1. Preparation for the main events

    Before gluing drywall, the wall needs to be prepared. The old finish is removed from it, if necessary, they get rid of the largest irregularities using a small amount of plaster. For the most reliable fastening of drywall, a primer is also applied to the wall and allowed to dry completely.

    2. Fixing drywall with adhesive method

    If the wall is well prepared, it will not be difficult to paste drywall. The main requirement is to use an adhesive composition with particularly high setting characteristics. Sometimes it is recommended to apply glue to the panels themselves. But it's still better if the owner processes the wall with it throughout the workspace.

    Drywall is applied to the treated area, pressed and held. In order for the glue to catch a little, it takes about a minute to hold the drywall. Next, they begin applying the adhesive composition to the neighboring site. When fixing the next panel, it is necessary to leave a small gap between it and the previous one. It should be a couple of millimeters.

    It is also important that there are no horizontal seams in the cladding: when laying several panels on top of each other, deformation is inevitable. If you want to fix the panels even more securely, you can use screws or dowels that drive along the perimeter of the sheets.

    3. Elimination of gaps in the skin

    The biggest problem remaining at this point is the presence of gaps between the sheets. They need to be patched. When the glue is fully grasped, the seams are cleaned from dust or dirt, they must be treated with a primer. Next, a little putty is placed in the gaps, it is well compacted and smoothed over the surface of drywall panels. The putty should be rubbed so well that it does not stand out above the drywall.

    Drywall glued to the walls will only need to be primed before painting. These works allow you to do with a minimum amount of plaster and putty. After all, they are much more difficult to handle when you need to make the walls perfectly smooth. Play Aviator Game for Real Money at kitonline.org .

      +972 3 7631172
      +972 52 5961777
      +380 67 5221402
      +7 495 662-87-22
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