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    What is the volatility of slot machines

    There are some tips and tricks that we all use from time to time as iGaming fans to increase our chances of winning when we play our favorite slots, so we can all increase our chances of winning. While some players study the RTPs of a game, others, however, take into consideration the volatility of the slots, which gives them a better understanding of what to expect during a gaming session, while others study the RTPs of the games. Despite this, there are a variety of factors that can contribute to a slot machine's volatility, and they can vary from one another.

    What does volatility mean in slots?

    As a result, Glorycasino players use slot volatility to properly plan their bankroll for the future. Slot volatility is a method of calculating the performance of a specific slot machine during a session, whether it is a land-based or online game. Basically, slot machine volatility is a way of determining how often you can get a winning combination, how large your winnings will be, and how risky you are.

    In order for you to be able to make the best decision when playing slots, you need to be aware of the volatility metrics, as that will help you determine how much you will win or lose when spinning the reels.

    Types of volatility slots and how to distinguish them

    Those who are familiar with the iGaming industry know that there are primarily three types of slot machine volatility: the high variance, the medium variance, and the low variance. It is possible to classify slot machines into five categories of volatility, based on the more precise classifications available, which are high, medium-high, medium, low, medium-low and low.

    Online and land-based slot machines are designed with a variance in mind and are solely dependent on the random number generator (RNG). In order to get more information about the variance of a slot machine that you are interested in, you will have to measure it yourself, because casinos and software providers do not always disclose this information.

    When you play a slot machine with a huge payout potential, but you don't often get winning combinations, which means you're playing a game with a high variance, let's say you spin the reels on it and you rarely get winning combinations. If, however, the slot you're playing offers small winnings, but you often hit them, then you're playing a game with a low variance.

    Therefore, if you are not willing to spend too much money on gambling, you would prefer to play slots which have a lower risk in order to extend your playing session and win smaller but more often, so that you can extend your playing session for longer periods of time. As an alternative, if you enjoy taking risks and are willing to pay big money, then you should look for slots that are medium or high in volatility, as these slots have the capability of offering big winnings, but they are less frequent.

    Volatility and Dispersion: Is there a difference?

    As far as casino terminology is concerned, volatility and variance are used to describe the same thing in the same way, so there is no difference between the two terms. Poker players are extremely familiar with the term volatility, but it has also been used to describe slot machines as well. As a matter of fact, volatility is mostly used as a statistical measure for the fluctuation of a trading price series over time in finance, where it is used primarily as a statistical indicator of a trading price series’ volatility.

    Slots Volatility Index: How do you determine the volatility of slot machines?

    A theoretically, if you knew the frequency of combinations of symbols and odds you could determine exactly the variance of a slot machine. However, in reality, it is a bit more complicated to determine the variance of a slot machine, and some complex equations have to be applied in order to do so.

    A slot machine's volatility index is tied to whether it wins or loses, so that it shows how volatile it is, and game developers don't want this information to be revealed to the public. As well as describing how many combinations there are in total, you can also be told how often that combination occurs in total by the volatility index, which is a certain amount of each combination, also referred to as its value.

    There are several factors you can consider when trying to determine slot volatility, but here are a few that will help you determine how to determine it. Let's start with some factors to consider when determining slot volatility:

    • Look at the payout table and check the difference between payouts for 4 and 5 of the same symbols. If 5 identical symbols pay out significantly more often, you can assume it's a slot with high variance.
    • Look at the prizes offered by the software provider - large cash prizes usually indicate a high volatility game.
    • Look at the maximum wager, as high-dispersion games don't have high maximum wagers.
    • Pay attention to the RTP and see if the slot is described as high, medium or low volatility.

    There are a number of characteristics that determine variance in slots, as well as other factors that determine variance, that we describe in depth in episode two of our online slots podcast on Spotify. If you wish to learn more about variance and what to make of it, be sure to listen to it.

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