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    Swedish gaming regulations

    The gambling market in Sweden underwent a major change when new regulation went into effect in 2019 . The government introduced a Swedish gaming license with strict gambling regulations. New features such as Game Break are implemented in Swedish gaming regulations to protect Swedish players.

    According to the new Swedish Gambling Act, there will be no foreign players in the Swedish gaming market. Here the law states that all gambling companies that are active against Sweden and Swedish players must have a Swedish gaming license.

    However, this has not happened. Today there are many foreign gaming companies that accept Swedish players. They are in a legal gray area where they cannot actually be fined for such action. However, you as a player are not doing anything illegal when you play in a foreign casino.

    Before the Swedish gambling law was passed, Swedish players were not so protected when playing at online casinos. At the time, everything was out of Swedish control because the operators were foreigners. The sites also didn't pay taxes in Sweden, even though they were targeting Swedish players. If you want to play at a reliable casino, I recommend to go to https://utlandskacasino.net/zimpler-casino.

    Казино Швеции: история и перспективы - LoginCasino

    The new Swedish gambling law led to a division of the gambling market into two camps. On one side, a regulated market with sites that have applied for and received a Swedish gaming license. On the other side is an unregulated market with foreign gaming sites and top casinos without a Swedish license.

    While Swedish players are encouraged to play on gaming sites with a Swedish license, unlicensed gaming sites can be visited for free. Those without bans and restrictions that follow those subject to Swedish gambling laws.

    Learn all about Swedish gambling regulations for casinos with a Swedish license
    Swedish gaming license.
    We see the Swedish gaming license as an extended part of the gaming regulation. This is proof that the gaming company and the gaming sites they choose to operate operate operate in accordance with the laws of the regulated gaming market. There are many reasons why the Swedish license is in effect.

    The great goal of a licensed and regulated Swedish gaming market, if we trust the government, is to reduce the risks of increased gambling abuse. Appropriate gaming regulation, which all licensees must follow, regulates, restricts and prohibits various activities.

    One of the main reasons why interest in Swedish casinos has cooled has to do with bonuses and offers. Unlike online casinos without a Swedish license, Swedish gaming sites can only offer a welcome bonus tied to your first deposit.

    All gaming companies licensed by the Swedish Gambling Inspectorate must also be affiliated with Spelpaus. In addition, they must also be discreet in the marketing of games, as well as inform about all the risks associated with gambling for money.

    You could say that, in sum, all of this has resulted in the following.

    Thanks to Spelpaus, more Swedes than ever before have been able to get rid of a possible gambling addiction. Now more Swedes than ever before are seeking the freedom they can still get at casinos without a license through Trustly and other payment methods with quick withdrawals.One negative consequence is also that a number of Swedes with incipient gambling problems who have activated Game Break are also looking for games without a Swedish gaming license.


      +972 3 7631172
      +972 52 5961777
      +380 67 5221402
      +7 495 662-87-22
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