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    Removing graffiti and much more

    City councils, company board, housing communities, as well as individual customers - all these organizations today use products that can be classified as chemicals designed to remove graffiti or undesirable posters. They should be highly effective, and at the same time not invade structure, for example, plaster or decorative stones. If you plan to purchase the appropriate drugs to protect the surface from vandalism, pay attention to the technical permits available to sellers. This is an important quality indicator! Review of drugs to remove graffiti and not only
    There are many products on the market of consumer chemicals that are ideal to eliminate one of the many acts of vandalism. The best domestic manufacturers offer anti -graphite coatings, antipostartic coatings, primers to protective coatings (allow you to increase the versatility of the use of this coating and its increased operational properties), drug removal preparations, disinfectants, as well as alkaline fluids for thoroughly cleaning the facades (not only after removal of graffiti, but also in case of contamination of the external walls). It is worth knowing that it is precisely such products that allow the use of cheap and non -invasive methods of removing inscriptions, paintings, strong contaminants or posters from the surface of even historical buildings. Various types of laboratory tests prove that the above funds can be successfully used, for example, to remove graffiti from the car body! However, it is always worth remembering that each drug has a different purpose and properties. The importance and functions of the drugs to remove graffiti
    It is worth more to focus not on protective coatings (anti -adhesive and hydrophobic), but on means for direct removal of graffiti. Often customers forget to protect their objects from vandalism. Currently, the best drugs can spread both in the form of gel and in liquid form. The latter are most often used for large pollution, which cannot be removed manually. The fluid in question is used together with a suitable spraying device. We are talking about means intended for the washing of facades under pressure. Do not confuse this process with sandblasting, destroying the entire surface structure, which do not make chemicals. The combination of this technology using the appropriate chemicals allows you to remove graffiti from elevators, stopping pavilions, pillars, lamps, bridge structures, advertising shields, road signs, as well as from railway wagons and walls. Gels, on the other hand, is better to use when cleaning vehicles. https://cryptobrokers.top/in/israel

      +972 3 7631172
      +972 52 5961777
      +380 67 5221402
      +7 495 662-87-22
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