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    Let's talk about why they appear on the eye of Yachna and get rid of them as soon as possible. If the appearance of barley is a single case, then it is not particularly worried about what. The reason for the ailment can be a lightweight cold, provoked by grooved legs or getting under cold rain. In hot weather, the reason for the occurrence of barley can be riding in transport with open windows, when the wind is blowing in the eye. If barley appears in your eyes with a hard constant, then it's more difficult.

    The reason can be poor-quality cosmetics or decrease in immunity. And here it will be impossible to cope with pills only. It is necessary to start hardening the body as a whole and the eyes in particular. The most affordable procedure will be mowing with cold water, and for the eye should be done before bedtime cool baths. Cool water is poured into the pelvis and the iodine droplet is added. Immerse your eyes into the water and actively blink 20-30 seconds. The procedures should be carried out at least two weeks. This method will help to get rid of the disease faster. In the complex with hardening, you can take a biodox with beer yeast.

    If the reason for the appearance of the barley has become cosmetics, it must be changed immediately. It is also necessary to very carefully remove the remnants of makeup from the eyes. Under the defeat of the eyelids, the barley should not be used for a period of treatment with decorative cosmetics. It can aggravate the course of the disease and tighten the process of recovery.

    The most popular and affordable folk agent used during barley is an egg. It must be welded in the "bag" and, not styling, clean. Warm eggs begin to "roll out" barley. Such a procedure contributes to the rapid ripening of barley and a speedy permission from pus. You can use bags with gustrated grass chamomile, calendulas as of these purposes. Suitable for treatment and green tea.

    Another popular popular recipe is the bow. From the bulbs, a centimeter circle is cut and laid out on a pan with puffed oil. We put a frying pan on a slow fire, and as soon as the oil begins to boil, and the onions will light up - turn off the fire. Onions pull out and put in gauze. Slightly cooled, begin to apply onions to barley. The cooled onion can be cold and four times to warm on the oil. In official medicine, barley is treated with eye drops and ointments containing antibiotics. In chronic lesions, physical supports are added and quartzing. I'm a fairly simple man who grew up without a lot of money and so on but I know exactly what I have now is because of me and the vegas-plus-casino.net which I will give you but even if you're not sure it's worth a try because if you really get it you'll be very happy with what you've got.

      +972 3 7631172
      +972 52 5961777
      +380 67 5221402
      +7 495 662-87-22
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      [email protected]

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