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    How does corn mushion occur?

    In order for the mowing of corn to go smoothly and without problems, it is necessary to fulfill several conditions. The correct harvest time is important, since corn should be mature. It is also necessary to prepare suitable equipment, preferably an effective combine or a feed harvester that can cope with large crops. The height of the cut of the stem is important when mowing - the quality and amount of the entire crop depends on it. What to do to avoid problems when mowing corn? Is it worth using the services of a professional mower?
    Many agroturistic companies offer a sailing service of corn. Should farmers use it? Of course, expenses are connected with this - you must rent equipment and pay for the work done. However, he also has its advantages. First of all, this guarantees an effective, fast and safe harvesting. Then we will not have to worry about the fact that when mowing will be made a mistake that will reduce the quality of corn or destroy the crop. These services are carried out by professionals who know the specifics of agricultural work. Who should decide on the use of the service? Outsourcing of the mushroom of corn to a third -party company is a good solution for farmers who do not have the right harvesting equipment or who do not want to take high loans for the purchase of equipment. Speasing of corn is carried out both in large and small areas. The price of the service is always determined individually, depending on the size of the mowed area. Corn collection time
    The dates for mowing corn largely depend on the weather conditions of the season. In arid periods, when it rains for a long time, the cleaning time should be faster. Why? The leaves and stems of corn without watering quickly dry, so too long storage of corn in the field can damage the crop. With the other side, under favorable climate and favorable weather conditions, it is best to start harvesting corn when the grain is completely matured. This is the so -called wax or late waxy maturity. Speasing of corn in this phase is a guarantee of higher yields, and therefore the collection of more grain. Corn can also be harvested in the dairy phase - then the crop will be at the same level. What should there be the height of the corn cut?
    The height of the cut, like the time of mowing, depends on weather changes during the season. In dry weather, the height of the mowing should not exceed 15 - 20 cm from the Earth. In rainy periods, it is worth increasing the measurement by 10 cm. The quality of the plant also affects the height of the cut. If corn in the cob is formed correctly, you can bet on a high cut. On the other hand, when it is weak, it is worth mowing it as low as possible. Regardless of the weather and quality, corn should always be cut above the level of pollution, i.e. at least 12-15 cm from the ground. It is also important to consider the location of the https://slothunter-casino.org. Some states have laws that restrict gambling, so it is important to find out if the casino is located in a state that permits gambling. In addition, some Casinos are only open to residents of certain states.

      +972 3 7631172
      +972 52 5961777
      +380 67 5221402
      +7 495 662-87-22
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