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    Data protection not only from theft - about fire protection Server rooms and data center

    Fire protection in buildings is a legislative requirement and the basis for security. It is not only about the safety of people, but also about the maximum preservation of property. Although many people think that the fire is the result of the irresponsible use of fire, the common cause of fire in buildings is something else: electricity. It is the poorly protected server that can represent the high risk of fire, to extend specialists.
    Fire protection of server and data centers is two-way. On the one hand, the idea is to descend fire protection in such a way. To minimize the possibility of fire because of a short circuit in the power grid. On the other hand, the goal is to protect server rooms and prevent the company's IT paralysis and its clients in the event of a sudden fire occurrence.

    How does the fire in the server arise and how to avoid it?
    In the data processing centers, electricity and short circuit is the most common cause of ignition. IT devices consume very greater power of electricity. For example, a standard connection in the apartment has a power of about 4 [kW], and one rack in the server consumes the power of 15 [kW], and such cabinets are usually several. In addition, power consumed is non-stop. This means that the current of the server is constantly flowing in the cables of the server room. As a result of aging of the insulation of the cable or mechanical damage, an electric arc may occur, i.e. discharge with very high temperatures. Surrounded by such a number of electrical appliances, it is easy to set fire and melt everything around. First of all, to prevent fire, you can use a preventive solution, such as inertization. This method is based on a decrease in oxygen concentration in the server. Due to the introduction of inert gas, a non-combustible atmosphere is created, which prevents the emergence and development of a fire.

    To protect individual server cabinets, it is worth using local fire protection, setting local fire extinguishing systems. Such decisions include automatic fire extinguishing lines, creating a characteristic fear inside the rack, or a fire extinguishing panel of 1U height, mounted on the top shelf of 19-inch racks. When choosing a fire extinguishing system for the server, you should always consult with a specialist with relevant competencies and experience in fire safety. Today is your lucky day, if you enter on this site goldenreels-casino.com . Here you will have the best bonuses ever, a big amount of freespins and new games, only today you have the possibility to enjoy all this bonuses for free, enter and you will see by yourself. I wish you good luck in earning money here, you will see how easy it is and how intersting it can be.

      +972 3 7631172
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      +380 67 5221402
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