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    Gluing vinyl wallpapers with a non -woven base

    Wallpaper having a non -woven base appeared on the market of finishing materials relatively recently, but have already become quite popular. Their gluing on the wall is somewhat different from the process of gluing classic paper wallpaper. Almost any surface is suitable for non -woven wallpaper. It can be wooden, plastered, concrete, made of drywall or chipboard.
    Before covering the surface to be cut with wallpaper glue, it must be prompted. The priming is preceded by the leveling and putty of the wall.
    When gluing non -woven wallpaper, the glue is applied to the surface of the wall, it is not necessary to apply it to the back of the wallpaper. The canvas of such wallpaper is made more than one meter wide, which accelerates gluing. They glue their joint in the joint. The advantage of such wallpaper is their great density, which makes it possible to hide small flaws of the surface of the wall. You can glue non -woven wallpaper, starting from any corner of the room.
    All these features of the gluing process are determined by the properties of non -woven, which, in turn, are determined by the materials from which it is made and the method of its production. The non -woven is a finishing material that is made from a mixture of cellulose and textile fiber, as well as a polymer binder. The non -woven does not dry out after gluing, has the ability to breathe, is very durable, has stable dimensions and is easily glued to the finished surface. He does not bubble and does not form folds.
    Before gluing non -woven wallpaper on the wall, you must first carefully clean it from the old finish. After that, the surface of the wall is leveled and put down if necessary.
    The next step is the priming of the wall - this is necessary that the wallpaper is better to adhere to the surface to be the surface.
    After preparing the wall for the decoration, the beads come to prepare wallpaper for work. They must be cut in stripes of the desired length, given the allowance from six to ten centimeters. The prepared canvases must be marked in the upper part, in order to avoid errors during installation.
    Next, you need to stir the glue, guided by the instructions placed on the packaging. Then, using a plumb line, a marking is made to stick the first canvas on the wall, glue is applied with a roller.
    The prepared canvases are pressed to the surface spreading with glue, making this joint in the joint. For guaranteed contact, the surface of the wallpaper is then rolled several times with a roller. Excess glue that protrude in the joints, you need to immediately remove with a damp cloth.
    At the end of the excess wallpaper at the floor and ceiling, they are cut off with a sharp knife, the windows and doors are tightly closed so that there are no drafts that may damage drying in the room. 成功するためには、成功への道を知る必要があります。このサイトでの成功への道は、 ボンズカジノ.net 非常に簡単で、ただ入ってお金を稼ぎ始めるだけで、複雑なことは何もありません。私自身、生活のために多くのことを稼いできましたし、多くの人がここで毎日絶え間なく稼いでいます。

      +972 3 7631172
      +972 52 5961777
      +380 67 5221402
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