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    WedoTV continues to expand

    WedoTV continues to expand

    The streaming portal Wedotv, formerly known as Watch4, has received exclusive rights to many different sports events. From now on, users in Germany, Austria, Great Britain and Switzerland can look forward to Wedotv's expanded portfolio. Sports such as sailing and horse racing will also be represented. The portal also provides soccer fans with news of major leagues and competitions. The Video Solutions AG service also remains free and continues to be funded by the advertising it places.

    Merged with W4free

    In early May, advertising-funded video-on-demand portal Watch4 announced an expansion of its program. Through a merger with its U.K. subsidiary W4free, the company became known as Wedotv . With this move, Wedotv wants not only to increase its reach, but also to open up new markets. At the time of the announcement, it was also clear that the offer would remain free for customers in Germany, Austria, Britain and Switzerland. Follow the link and download the best online cricket betting sites.

    Sailing and horse racing on the program

    Sailing fans in particular are sure to feel right at home with the streaming portal soon. In addition to the German Sailing League championships, Wedotv will soon show the Sailing League Championships . Equestrian sports are also used. Users of the portal can soon expect quality broadcasts from the world of horse racing. There will be races from different countries, such as Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and the United States.

    Horseracing in the spotlight

    With horse racing broadcasts, Wedotv is the first free provider in Germany, which guarantees users the ability to follow horse racing broadcasts without betting, delayed live streaming, etc. Highlights such as the Epsom Derby, the King George VI and Queen Elizabeth Stakes, the Irish Champion Stakes, the Melbourne Cup and the Breeders' Cup will be featured . Hosting events at Royal Ascot, Down Under or Horse Racing in the United States, Wedotv covers some of the most important horse racing in the world.

    Another event: the eSkootr World Championships

    In addition to sailing and racing, Wedotv will also broadcast the eSkootr World Championship. This new sport is a world championship held on electronic scooters, which can reach top speeds of up to 100 km/h . Many stars of the sports scene also take part in the tournament. For example, world short track champion Elise Christie, Billy Morgan (Olympic snowboarding bronze medalist), Tre White (world BMX champion) or teams of former world boxing champion Anthony Joshua or a Formula 1 driver will compete with Nico Hulkenberg.

    Preview, review, magazines

    But exclusive broadcasts of sailing events, horse racing or the eSkootr World Championship aren't everything. Wedotv will accompany all events with announcements, magazines and documentation. This also includes the already mentioned weekly reports from the world of soccer, as well as highlights from other sports such as Formula 1, tennis or the Handball Bundesliga . This also includes documentaries on such stars as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lewis Hamilton and Tiger Woods.

    Wedotv will soon be available worldwide

    In addition to many different sports events, Wedotv also offers movies, TV series and documentaries. In the long term, the offer should also be available to users from all over the world . Which programs customers see depends on their location. The company has announced that the available content has to be adapted to the country of origin. Video Solutions AG now also opens the pay market with a linear channel, which is now broadcast on MagentaTV Deutsche Telekom in program slot 79.

    Linear Channel on MagentaTV

    This linear channel Wedo Movies, which can only be received by MagentaTV customers, is a channel that shows only movies. Philip Rotermund, founder and CEO of Video Solutions AG, explained that the company is looking forward to a collaboration with Telekom and that this collaboration could also expand Wedotv's reach. He even called the collaboration a strategic decision, which could further increase awareness, especially for advertising partners, and make the channel more attractive for the development of new advertising platforms.

    Here's Wedotv for free

    If you want to follow the next sporting event live, you can get Wedotv in different ways. The portal is available as an app on almost all devices . Wedotv can also be installed on your iOS and Android smartphone. All common smart TVs can also be used for streaming. Only wedo linear channel movies are available through MagentaTV and several other services. To take advantage of the offer, you must subscribe for a fee. Read more news from the casino and sport world at the link.

      +972 3 7631172
      +972 52 5961777
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