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    Build garage

    The garage is being built in several stages, which we will list step bypass.
    1. In which cases you need to build a garage yourself
    If you have a territory, there is a car, but I don't want to spend money on the purchase of a garage, then you need to build it with your own hands. And this is a wise decision, because the price of the finished garage is so high that it would be possible to buy another car. And in general to buy ... at least one.
    2. Why is it important to study the construction on the garage?
    There is still a reason for which people independently build a garage, this is when they want to improve their builder skills. After all, the requirements are not so high as when building a residential building. But even more close to the construction of houses. You can train on toilets, but there, firstly, there are no long walls, no roof design and the gate is not needed. And then you will do it, then the foundation will learn to make it, and make the walls of the brick, and flood the floors in terms of the level. Well, and, of course, do the roof. And someone else and the walls insulates, the Koroist drinks, paints - everything is like in a residential building. Excellent training ground.
    3. Tools
    To ensure that it goes without delay, purchase all the necessary equipment, that is, tools. Concrete mixer, first of all, then shovels, trowels, welding machine, Bulgarian, perforator, drill, roulette, cord - in short, think that all types of construction work will be present in one degree or another. To work with the roof, for example, you will need a chainsaw.
    4. Materials
    Follow the materials right away. It will be more aware of the time if you pay time, calculate it and bring everything at a time that later it is removed by corners or nails for slate. All the little things should be taken into account before the start of work.
    5. What and how step by step
    First markup, then the foundation. The depth of the foundation should be at least 80 cm, and the width is as the width of the wall plus 10 cm. Bring a few tone of granite stone. In the trench you need to pour a concrete in a mix with a stone.
    We will build a wall from a brick. Polkirpich wall thickness is enough. Start from the Corners tab, then you can upload the walls on the cord along the cord. If we align the corners in terms of level, the ranks are enough to check on the thread.
    At the end we take overlap over the gate. Then the roof. Beams, rafters on a planned model, covering from boards, membrane and roofing - there is where to show creativity and practice.
    6. Graduated from what's next?
    Now, if there is a desire, you can engage in insulation or plastering, installation of heating, and in general - internal finish.
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      +972 3 7631172
      +972 52 5961777
      +380 67 5221402
      +7 495 662-87-22
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