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    Batman Tips: Arkham Origins - Main Missions # 017

    You can use the passages under the floor for shelter and planning silent murders.

    Chucking Falcone

    You do not need to be limited only to planning attacks from above. An interesting idea is to use passages under the floor, to get to which you can by lifting interactive lattices. You can also use this place not only for shelter, but also for a sudden attack of enemies, which were nearby. However, you must remember that you should not remain in this region after destroying this enemy. It is better to gradually increase the level of complexity.

    Another method of using statues to clear this place is to slide towards the enemies, over the heads of the bats appear. Once again I remind you of choosing enemies that go alone. After you hit the enemy, you need to finish it and get the platform as quickly as possible so that you are not noticed.

    An example of a weakened wall

    Also in the theater there are several weakened walls that can be blown up with a gel. Using this gadget is especially recommended if you updated it with Proximity Detonator, thanks to which you do not have to personally follow the situation and wait for the right moment to explode charges.

    Character and assembly

    In this section, you will find all the information about the characters - we are discussing the health points, as well as the characteristics of all the archetypes of the character classes available in the game. We also included several assemblies that simplify the gameplay.

    Questions and answers

    If during the game you will have any difficulties, read the answers below to the most annoying and frequently asked questions. You have a problem? You can ask for a prompt in the comments.

    Orders: what it is and how to perform them

    Awards for the execution of orders.


    Orders are one of two actions, in addition to expeditions, which the player can perform at the end of the game - that is, when the main storyline is completed. What is this awards, how to take part in them and what will the player get from this?

    Control points are installed in predetermined places and are detected during the story campaign - they can not be missed. Available points can be checked on the map screen - unlocked points will be marked with a blue icon. It is worth remembering that the use of rapid move during battle is limited - if we get damage, teleportation will be interrupted. 1xbet now offers 100% to all new players of the bookmaker. But did you know that you can increase this bonus? You can get 130% more with a promo code. 1xBet Registration Bonus Code new customer bonus, of up to the value $130 – to give you a great start in your online sports betting with the 1xbet site. Find out which terms & conditions apply. Players can easily create accounts on 1XBET using a computer or mobile device. It only takes a few minutes. When the first deposit is completed, it will be credited to the 1XBET account within minutes.

      +972 3 7631172
      +972 52 5961777
      +380 67 5221402
      +7 495 662-87-22
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